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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018 03:13PM EST
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Support Policy – Wearable Devices
Revision 3/16/15
The following outlines the wearable device support procedures for handling problems and requests related to Intel Basis Wearable Devices/BCA Analytics Projects.  Managing problems and requests for our clients is the critical goal of this process and this document establishes the process for problem resolution, service requests, and status reporting.
BCA End-User Support Responsibilities
BCA is expected to perform the following responsibilities: 
1.      Provide a self-service portal for end-users and basic support, via email, for problem resolution and services requests from end-users (Project level topics will utilize a separate process with the Client),
2.      Escalate problems/services requests that cannot be resolved through the provision of basic support,
3.      Manage the case tracking process (opens, resolution documentation and closing), and provide periodic reporting to BCA’s client and to Intel Basis on a weekly basis during the wearable device activation period(s), and monthly thereafter.
4.      Periodically update the knowledge base in the self-service portal on an as-needed basis. 
Note:  Behavioral triggers (e.g. End-User not using the phone after activation, the device stops collecting data, etc.) will result in a notification on the Client’s dashboard and do not go through this process.
End-User Support Levels
1.      Tier 0 Support.  BCA will provide a self-service portal that provides end-users with access to a knowledgebase of answers to most frequently asked questions encountered to date.  This knowledge base includes explanations and/or links to FAQs.    
2.      Tier 1 Support.   BCA will provide “Contact Us” support for end-users, Monday-Friday during BCA’s normal business hours.  “Contact Us” information will be found on the self-service portal and will utilize the email channel.  BCA commits to respond to emails from end-users within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).  This support will consist of triaging and resolving known problems or common requests that end-users could not answer in the self-service portal. 
Additionally, BCA will respond to the end-user via email to (a) clarify any information that is unclear in the initial contact, (b) provide an answer to the problem or service request, or (c) provide notification if the resolution will require Tier 2 support or more than 24 hours to resolve.
3.      Tier 2 Support.   In the event that BCA cannot resolve the issue through Tier 0 or Tier 1 support, BCA will escalate the problem or request to Intel Basis’ support team.  Additionally, BCA will inform the end-user that their problem/request has been escalated to the Intel Basis Support Team.  Intel Basis will respond to BCA within 24 hours after receipt of the problem/request from BCA.
All problems and services requests will be logged by BCA, utilizing the support tool software for reporting and tracking purposes.
1.      Help Desk Software.  BCA utilizes a robust help desk support tool that includes the following functionality: Case Management, Self-Service Customer Portal & Knowledgebase, Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics, High-volume case export capabilities (for Tier 2 escalation).
2.      Self Support Portal.  Within the help desk support tool, BCA will provide utilize the Self-Service Customer Support and related Knowledgebase to provide Tier 0 support for end-users that are having difficulties with Basis’ Activation instructions.
BCA Support Team Capabilities
BCA utilizes the information generated by the wearable devices (obtained from Intel Basis) to provide the Client with insights that can be used for the benefit of the end-users and the Client.  The activation process, therefore, is important to the overall success of the Wearable device projects.  BCA team members providing Tier 0 and Tier 1 support to end-users on behalf of the Client will have sufficient knowledge to provide basic support that should resolve a majority of the problems/service requests.  It is not the responsibility of BCA resolve technical issues that are not commonly recurring issues – these issues will be escalated to Tier 2 – Basis for resolution.

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